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Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour (travel Guide)

RRP $15.99

Bestseller on Amazon!"Now I want to visit New Orleans more than ever! The author has a way to make the streets and flavors come alive in his writing. The content is relevant and to the point. I could have highlighted the entire book."- DeeCee3 (Amazon customer)

"Very helpful, anxious to go there now! It's simple and to the point not long and drawn out. I'm headed to NOLA with my bestie for mother's day and after reading this book, we can't wait!"- Kindle customer

"Great. He explains locations and establishments that appeal to anyone lucky enough to visit this fabulous city. Whether you are a return visitor or about to experience NOLA for the first time this book has top rate information."- Honey (Kindle Customer)

"jazzes you up in all departments. This is a great little read that does a nice job of condensing the must eats, dos, and music scenes of NOLA. Technically more than seven items, you are left wanting to visit them all. I really enjoyed the personal voice of a native." - Lady Literature (Amazon customer)

INTENDED FOR VISITORS AND LOCALS ALIKE this New Orleans travel guide is short and concise written by a native of the city who knows where to go and what to do in planning for a perfect visit to this historic, fun-loving, northern Caribbean city.

NO WADING THROUGH LIST AFTER LIST of suggestions like your typical Fodor's or Lonely Planet, this travel book was put together by a full-fledged local who knows the best places to go to have an authentic New Orleans experience.

* the best restaurants with the most delicious food authentic New Orleans food,
?* elegant hotels in all price ranges,?
* great bars for fantastic libations,
?* insider sightseeing tips,
?* popular music venues ?
* and other fine suggestions on how to have an all around memorable time in the Crescent City.

NEW ORLEANS is a city like no other. Over the centuries it's been sung about and written about as this mysterious, dream-like place almost magical in its effect on people.

IT'S SAID THAT VISITING NEW ORLEANS is like traveling to Europe in a language you'll understand without all the hassle and expense. The Crescent City speaks the language of hospitality second-to-none with a world-wide reputation for fabulous food, world-class music and never-ending good times.

WITH THIS TRAVEL GUIDE IN HAND you'll easily be able to create your own personal New Orleans tour with insider tips that only a local would know. It's the hope of the author that you'll get a taste of some of the magic that makes the Crescent City truly unique.

So scroll up the page and click on the orange button to the right and order your own copy of this winning New Orleans travel guide and you can be on your way to having a fabulous time in the Crescent City!

Easy-to-use Glycemic Index Food Guide

RRP $12.99

From one of America's leading nutritionists comes an easy-to-use guide to the glycaemic index of a wide range of common foods and beverages. Designed to be used at home or on the go, this will quickly become the first resource you turn to whenever you want to select a food that can help you reach your health and dietary goals. This book provides both the glycaemic index and the glycaemic load of hundreds of foods and beverages, including raw foods, cooked foods, and popular combination and prepared foods. It: makes foods easy to find by listing them both singly and under helpful categories; includes tips within the listings to guide you towards the best food choices; provides lists of ethnic foods for use at your favourite restaurant; presents easy-to-understand explanations of glycaemic index, glycaemic load and other important terms; and, expands your food choices by helping you integrate high-glycaemic index foods into your diet.

The Green Guide

RRP $34.99

Any business can take steps to be friendlier to the environment, but how do you do it while maintaining and actually boosting profits? Find out how moving from a light green to a dark green approach pays off for hospitality, retail, and home-based businesses. Your business can conserve energy and natural resources, boost goodwill, and actually take steps to restore the environment. Bruno G. Krioussis shares tested strategies from his twenty-nine years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality fields so you can maximize profit through environmental activism. Along with many strategies for success in green business, he explores methods for developing a green action plan; ways to harness alternate forms of energy; strategies for keeping track of all the money you will save; the long-term benefits of sustainability; the importance of finding a mentor. Make a decision to overcome the challenges that are preventing you from being truly green. It's time to embark on a mission to help the environment and your business with "The Green Guide.""


RRP $71.50

A Guide To Marx's 'capital' Vols I-iii

RRP $302.99

This book provides a comprehensive guide to all three volumes of Karl Marx’s ‘Capital’, with advice on further reading and points for further discussion. Recognizing the contemporary relevance of ‘Capital’ in the midst of the current financial crisis, Kenneth Smith has produced an essential guide to Marx’s ideas, particularly on the subject of the circulation of money-capital. This guide uniquely presents the three volumes of ‘Capital’ in a different order of reading to that in which they were published, placing them instead in the order that Marx himself sometimes recommended as a more user-friendly way of reading. Dr Smith also argues that for most of the twentieth century, the full development of the capitalist mode of production (CMP) has been undermined by the existence of a non-capitalist ‘third world’, which has caused the CMP to take on the form of what Marx called a highly developed mercantile system, rather than one characterized by an uninterrupted circuit of industrial capital of the kind he expected would develop. While the guide can be read as a book in its own right, it also contains detailed references to Volumes I–III so that students, seminars and discussion groups can easily make connections between Smith’s explanations and the relevant parts of ‘Capital’.


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