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Recipes And Lessons From A Delicious Cooking Revolution

RRP $20.99

'Waters is a legend' Jay Rayner

A champion of organic, locally produced and seasonal food and founder of acclaimed Californian restaurant Chez Panisse, Alice Waters has recently been awarded the LĂ©gion d'honneur in France for her contributions to food culture. In this book, she explores the simplest of dishes in the most delicious of ways, with fresh, sustainable ingredients a must, even encouraging cooks to plant their own garden.

From orange and olive salad to lemon curd and ginger snaps, Waters constantly emphasizes the joys and ease of cooking with local, fresh food, whether in soups, salads or sensual, classic desserts.

Throughout the history of civilization, food has been more than simple necessity. In countless cultures, it has been livelihood, status symbol, entertainment – and passion. In the GREAT FOOD series, Penguin brings you the finest food writing from the last 400 years, and opens the door to the wonders of every kitchen.

About The Author

Alice Waters, chef, author, and the proprietor of Chez Panisse, is an American pioneer of a culinary philosophy that maintains that cooking should be based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. Over the course of nearly forty years, Chez Panisse has helped create a community of local farmers and ranchers whose dedication to sustainable agriculture assures the restaurant a steady supply of fresh and pure ingredients. Waters is Vice President of Slow Food International, and author of eight books, including The Art of Simple Food: Notes and Recipes from a Delicious Revolution, from which this selection is taken. She was awarded the French Legion d'Honneur in 2010.

Recipes From The Kitchen Of The Chocolate Martini

RRP $18.99

The Chocolate Martini was inspired by the fresh seafood available daily in the waters of Bocas Del Toro. The home made Fresh Pasta, Ravioli, Meats and Chicken, Sauces, Soups and Breads rounded out the needs of our guests. This was the last of 8 restaurants owned by the author and his wife before they retired. Trip Advisor rated them number 2 after being open only 6 months!

How To Cook Healthy Recipes

RRP $18.99

How To Cook Healthy Recipes is a book designed for people who want to take advantage of the many health benefits of home-cooked meals, but who aren't comfortable enough in the kitchen to pull it off.
Many of us lead busy lives, and at the end of the day the temptation to save time by eating prepared foods can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, those prepared foods from restaurants as well as grocery stores are more than likely loaded down with undesirable food additives.
Remember that food additives?like artificial colors and flavorings, texture enhancers, and stabilizers?are put into foods not for "food" reasons, but for business reasons. They're designed to make food look more attractive, or last longer on the shelf. These are substances that your body isn't made to handle and doesn't know what to with, and the more you rely on food made by other people, the more likely it is that these undesirable substances are building up in your body on a daily basis.
The only way to break this cycle is to take the time to learn to cook meals in your own home. If you can get comfortable in the kitchen making delicious and healthy meals that don't take too long to prepare, you can get into the routine of eating more wholesome food on a regular basis, which means protecting your body from all of those industrial food additives that go along with prepared, pre-seasoned, and packaged foods.
How To Cook Healthy Recipes will teach you how to do just that. You'll get an introduction to the basics of the kitchen, including the following information:
--Tools you'll need to be able to work efficiently as well as safely--Techniques you'll use to make your meals--More than two dozen simple recipes (with tips on how to tweak them)--Tips on experimenting with new spices and flavors--How to make your own stock (and what kind to buy if you don't want to make it)--Which additives and ingredients to avoid when cooking--How to change any recipe to minimize your food additive intake
If you're committed to being as healthy as possible, you need to learn to cook your own meals. This book will teach you all the basics you need to prepare healthy, wholesome, natural meals in your own kitchen on a daily basis.
Even if you've never cooked in your life, there's no reason to be intimidated?just pick up a physical or digital copy and get started today.

Conversations Overheard In A Restaurant

RRP $66.99

Conversations Overheard in a Restaurant is a collection of poetry. At times playful, at times times funny and at times atmospheric, Conversations Overheard in a Restaurant--Robert Alan Clanton's first published collection of poems--invites the reader to observe both the universal and the unfamiliar through this poet's specialized lens. Though approachable and direct, these poems are never ordinary, and surprises often lurk around the corner. From his deeply personal memories of childhood and teenage years, to bittersweet stories of love found and love lost, to his reverent and sometimes spiritual observations of earth and nature, Clanton's poems tease the reader into turning each page in search of the next cinematic vignette. Often tactile and sensory, Clanton's imagery beckons us into each place and time: the shrouding snow and bitter chill of Medicine Wheel Passage, Wyoming; the palpable tension between friends in Still Life in Afternoon Light; the playful eroticism and olfactory enticement of Recipe for Pasta Primavera; the harmonious, mystical forces of natural beauty found in Chapel of the Transfiguration; and the idyllic thread of a fourth generation Floridian's love of unspoiled places in Resurrection Fern. Conversations Overheard in a Restaurant is a collection of snapshots, stories and little movies--bound together in the enticing form of the carefully crafted narrative poem, and there are flavors and textures here to please the palate of anyone who savors contemporary poetry.

Blank Recipe Book

RRP $16.99

This Blank Recipe Book is all you need for storing your prized collection of recipes from your kitchen. Use it as a place to store those cherished recipes that have been passed down from family members and friends. With room to write over 100 recipes, preparation time, cooking time, how many the recipe serves and notes, there's also space for you to stick your photographs in the back of the completed dishes. This book makes the ideal gift for passing on to loved ones who need to learn how to cook your family recipes.


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