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Recipes From The Kitchen Of The Chocolate Martini

RRP $18.99

The Chocolate Martini was inspired by the fresh seafood available daily in the waters of Bocas Del Toro. The home made Fresh Pasta, Ravioli, Meats and Chicken, Sauces, Soups and Breads rounded out the needs of our guests. This was the last of 8 restaurants owned by the author and his wife before they retired. Trip Advisor rated them number 2 after being open only 6 months!

Everyday Vegan Paleo Recipes

RRP $16.99

Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle, yet eat all the delicious food that life has to offer? Are you a vegetarian who's looking for healthy recipes that are easy to make at home? Are you searching for quick to make Paleo vegan recipes that will make your day perfect? Well then, you've landed on the right eBook! Whether you're an amateur, a home based cook, or a person looking for new recipes to try out, you can cook delectable food by following the recipes provided in this book. Cooking has never been this easy. These recipes will enable you to make restaurant quality food that will leave you wanting more. Read on to start on a culinary adventure that's healthy, mouth watering and makes cooking fun.

How To Cook Healthy Recipes

RRP $18.99

How To Cook Healthy Recipes is a book designed for people who want to take advantage of the many health benefits of home-cooked meals, but who aren't comfortable enough in the kitchen to pull it off.
Many of us lead busy lives, and at the end of the day the temptation to save time by eating prepared foods can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, those prepared foods from restaurants as well as grocery stores are more than likely loaded down with undesirable food additives.
Remember that food additives?like artificial colors and flavorings, texture enhancers, and stabilizers?are put into foods not for "food" reasons, but for business reasons. They're designed to make food look more attractive, or last longer on the shelf. These are substances that your body isn't made to handle and doesn't know what to with, and the more you rely on food made by other people, the more likely it is that these undesirable substances are building up in your body on a daily basis.
The only way to break this cycle is to take the time to learn to cook meals in your own home. If you can get comfortable in the kitchen making delicious and healthy meals that don't take too long to prepare, you can get into the routine of eating more wholesome food on a regular basis, which means protecting your body from all of those industrial food additives that go along with prepared, pre-seasoned, and packaged foods.
How To Cook Healthy Recipes will teach you how to do just that. You'll get an introduction to the basics of the kitchen, including the following information:
--Tools you'll need to be able to work efficiently as well as safely--Techniques you'll use to make your meals--More than two dozen simple recipes (with tips on how to tweak them)--Tips on experimenting with new spices and flavors--How to make your own stock (and what kind to buy if you don't want to make it)--Which additives and ingredients to avoid when cooking--How to change any recipe to minimize your food additive intake
If you're committed to being as healthy as possible, you need to learn to cook your own meals. This book will teach you all the basics you need to prepare healthy, wholesome, natural meals in your own kitchen on a daily basis.
Even if you've never cooked in your life, there's no reason to be intimidated?just pick up a physical or digital copy and get started today.

Restaurant Franchising

RRP $415.99

This book is the only up-to-date book of its kind that will provide an introduction to franchising, its pros and cons, and other aspects pertinent to restaurant franchises. It is the only guide to franchising written exclusively for food service professionals and is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to break into one of today's most dynamic service industries.

Since the late 1800s, when the idea was first conceived, the restaurant franchise has become a worldwide phenomenon. Opportunities abound for restaurateurs and food service professionals with the know-how to dive into and stay afloat in the growing, ever-changing sea of franchise operations. With the help of vignettes and case histories, this completely updated new edition toRestaurant Franchising explains operate a successful franchise, from developing a winning franchise concept to demystifying the legal intricacies of franchise agreements.

Topics include:

  • What is franchising?
  • Franchising pros and cons
  • Selecting the franchise that fits your style and goals
  • Finding financial backing
  • Understanding franchise agreements
  • State franchise rules and regulations
  • Developing healthy franchisor/franchisee relationships
  • International franchising
  • Unconventional franchises

This book is suitable for classroom use, and an accompanying online instructor's manual is available as a teaching resource for instructors. It includes a template of a syllabus to fit one semester within an academic calendar, and each chapter's contents are highlighted starting with the chapter's objectives. Objectives are designed so that after reading and studying each chapter, the student should be able to complete specific knowledge components. Key teaching elements and points are listed for each chapter, with special emphasis on definitions and terminology. References and other sources for further information are also provided. At the end of each chapter within this book, there is a case study, for which discussion questions are listed. Possible topics for class assignments and field studies are suggested in the instructor's manual. In addition, almost 200 PowerPoint slides are provided for each chapter. Overall this manual is designed to provide teaching aids that will help in making lectures a more productive, interactive, and interesting learning experience for students.

Readers will get practical, first-hand information that will be extremely useful to hospitality academicians and students, as well as corporations that are franchisors and other related restaurant corporations. It will be a valuable book for entrepreneurs and those interested in owning a franchise.

The Recipe For A Good Life

RRP $13.99

In "The Recipe for a Good Life", the author John Crowhurst, reveals how to achieve and maintain, a healthy, enjoyable, long, and rewarding life. He provides valuable advice, accumulated from his own long and varied lifestyle. He shares experiences which will benefit others. The author provides some thoughts and ideas for maintaining good relationships with our fellow human beings, and how to have a great family unit. His suggestions on planning for the future, help to ensure financial security and a fulfilling personal life.


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